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Our Mission & Vision 

The Place where Jesus is Lord and Lives are Being Changed! 

By Developing Christ like attitude & Behaviors in our Daily Lives. 

Vision Statement

We see Proverbs CCC as a dynamic, Holy Ghost Filled, Fire Baptized, Multi-Cultural Church, Numbering thousands, impacting  our city, our nation and out world. By leadership development and church planting. Being a beckon of light  in a dark world. Blow the Trumpet for the Glory of God has Come!

 Bishop Leartis Kelly Vision for Ministry

1) What was God's original plan and vision for Ministry through Pastor Kelly? - What was his first 


          A. To locate a building to hold AA meetings on a daily basis at 7 am, 12 noon and 5pm. 

         B. To have a monthly Christian celebration with guest gospel groups. 

         C. To take a Bible study on the 12 steps to Christianity into Recovery houses. 

         D. To develop and start his own halfway/3quarter way houses for men with addictions fresh out of  

               Jail/ Prison 

2) What is the Principal reason for AA being one of this Ministries Outreach Programs?

3) Pastor Kelly why you chose AA instead of NA or Celebrate Recovery?

Our Testimony: What it used to be like, what happened and what it is like now..


    Bishop Leartis Kelly & Sr. Dr. Pastor Lisa Kelly

    Proverbs Christian Center Church

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