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Bishop Leartis Kelly

God has done a great work in me; God has saved me, sanctified and filled me with His precious Holy Ghost. God has allowed me to go through some trying times and circumstances but God has given me another chance in life. God has given me another opportunity to give back what God has so freely given me. God has given me His Loving kindness through Jesus Christ. God has created in me a clean heart and renewed His right spirit within me “Psalms 51”. Now I want to share His love with everyone that I meet to share that which Proverbs has done in me on a daily basis.

Every day I find myself in Proverbs; I found my wife Lisa, I found my daughter Nikki, I found my granddaughter Trinity, I found my grandson Marcus, and I have also found my Father and my Mother, my sister and my brothers in Jesus and in the book of Proverbs daily. I want to share this gift that God has so freely given to me with others and I believe that studying a Proverb a day will save many souls and change many lives.

Mothers like my Mother look forward to their sons and daughter’s coming home whole and complete in Jesus. I pray that God will allow me to share what God has given me in Jesus name “A Proverb a day” with others and maybe, just maybe, they will be able to find their child as my mother has found me in Jesus and in Proverbs.

Sr. Pastor Elder Leartis Kelly

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