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Our Precious Pearls.

Proverbs E-Class Women – Precious Pearls Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program is designed as a position or services of a wise and trusted counselors.

We are here to build relationships: to coach, counsel, guide, instruct, edify, educate, explain,

teach, tutor, aid, champion, help, also to sponsor.

Proverbs E-Class Women – Precious Pearls has been established to Encourage our Young women to Dreams of Tomorrow, and to Prepare our Young Women for the 21st Century.

Proverbs E-Class Women – Precious Pearls was created in 2008 out of an urgent sense to encourage our young women to Love themselves to take a bold action build their self-esteem by saving our young females. Also, Precious Pearls was created to catch the dreams of African American at-risk, adolescent girls aged 11-18. From the perils of academic failure, low self-esteem, and crippled futures. Proverbs E-Class Women – Precious Pearls provides an opportunity for local chapters to enrich and enhance the education that our young teens receive in public schools across the nation. Specifically, we augment their scholarship in math, science, and technology, their opportunities to provide service in the form of leadership through service learning defined as the cultivation and maintenance of relationships. A primary goal of the program is to prepare young girls for full participation as leaders in the 21st Century.

Proverbs E-Class Women Outreach – Precious Pearls has taken many forms. In this chapter, the Academies are monthly Saturday programs, throughout the year. We will plan and implement varied activities based upon the needs of the early adolescents in their areas. The activities implemented most often include computer training, self-esteem and etiquette workshops, field trips for science experiences and for college exposure, and special outings to cultural events, fancy dinners, museums, plays, and concerts.

Proverbs E-Class Women Outreach – Precious Pearls provides the framework for young ladies to Dreams through the performance of specific tasks that develop a CAN-DO attitude. The goals for Precious Pearls are:

  1. To instill the need to excel academically.
  2. To provide tools that enable girls to sharpen and enhance their skills to achieve high levels of academic success.
  3. To assist girls in proper goal setting and planning for their futures in high school and beyond; and
  4. To create compassionate, caring, and community-minded young women by actively involving them in service learning and community service opportunities.

Proverbs E-Class Women Outreach – Precious Pearls program offers a road map for college and career planning through activities that provide opportunities for self-reflection and individual growth. Proverbs E-Class Women Outreach – Precious Pearls participants have the opportunity to define and “Discover their individual Brilliance.”

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